Discretizer-Setup in action

Discretizer-Setup in action

(Screencast) of all the steps involved in a CFD analysis.

3 screencasts from Gerhard Gruber

freecad geometry creation

Geometry creation in Freecad (

netgen volume mesh creation

Volume mesh creation in Netgen(

Discretizer-Setup simulation

Simulation with Discretizer-Setup Ogg video (windows codec).

Split pipe

A basic test of a pipe with 4 openings, initial design is evaluated and then modifications are made: How do I design a pipe splitting up in 4?

screenshot of screencast

All design steps in 4 pipe screencast.

A screencast with a full CFD session with OpenFOAM calculation and postprocessing with ParaView (tm) Ogg video, 24 Megabyte.

Another screencast Different coordinate system types: Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical